Saturday, September 10, 2011

To Being Me...

Please excuse me while I rant a minute...

I'm tired of feeling judged for being the person I want to be. Who cares if I'm 24 years old and still reads out of the Y.A. section? Who cares if I love Taylor Swift and Katy Perry? Who cares if I have the innate tendency to smile all the time...even when I don't realize I'm doing it.

I'm tired of having to defend myself and my actions, and feeling guilty when I don't live up to expectations. Life is about having fun. You only get to live once, so why try to fit into the status quo? I like what I like, and I'm not going to change for anyone. I've struggled for long enough trying to feel comfortable in my own skin and I'm tired of it. In the words of the wise Selena "I'm just beautiful me." I'm not going to let the naysayers get me down. I'm going to be me no matter what. Take it or leave it.


  1. I love this. Everything about it.

  2. Raise your hand if you went to see Selena Gomez for the second time in concert last weekend at age 25... *raises hand*

  3. <3 love
    and seriously take it or leave it is the #truth

  4. I'm 49 and LOVE reading Y.A. novels!

    I'm not kidding!