Monday, August 30, 2010

This is where I stay...

So I'm finally updating and showing ya'll my lovely new apartment. Srsly, don't judge, but BBL's new giveaway kind of reminded me to do it. Anywho, here's the tour.

First you walk in the door and bam! You're right there at the kitchen. I love my kitchen. No joke, you can walk the entire thing in two steps...maybe three or four if you have short legs. But I love it. I haven't quite finished decorating it, but this is its current state.

I love my's got pictures of the majority of my friends (i.e. Smoochie, Lauren, Jessica, Chelsea, and my Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw).

The whole theme of my kitchen was supposed to be 50's themed, hence the cherry accesories and why all my dishes are red. Now I just need a checkerboard tile floor and I'd be almost there.

From my kitchen you could either go into the living area or turn into the closet/bathroom area.

So let's say we turned right...this is what you get to see.

This is Charlie the elephant. Lauren gave him to me because of my love of an identical elephant statue in my hometown.

And here's the bathroom. The shower was so gross when I moved in. Not dirty gross, but it had no water pressure and I was sad. It turns out that the knob was broken and maintenance fixed it and needless to say, my shower rocks!

If you go straight, well here we go.

Thanks to Uncle Ray and Aunt Kim for gifting me the entertainment center, TV, and couch. I plan on getting an awesome slip cover for the couch...if they ever go on sale because those things are expensive.

Look what my Smoochie made for me :) Aren't they amazing?

Then there's my bed! I got to upgrade to a queen size and it's lovely. I love my bed spread and I love my framed art.

This is a 1930s postcard of my favorite place ever...the Olympic Penninsula! It's got Forks, La Push, Lake Crescent (no sign of Cressie though) and Seattle.

I also got these lovely cards that I framed from the Space Needle.

Then there's the view from the rooftop pool :)

So now that ya'll have seen it, who wants to visit???

Saturday, August 21, 2010

New beginnings

My first week in St. Louis has been pretty hectic. I miss everyone back in Georgia something fierce, but I have to say that I've talked to almost everyone I love since I've moved. So, there must be some perks about moving. Plus, I've been getting glorious presents in the mail...maybe I should do this more often??

My first week was off to a rough start. I had five repairmen in four days to fix my tv and internet. I was going insane inside my apartment waiting for them to come. The fifth repairman was genius and he fixed the problem easy peasy lemon squeezy. So on Friday, I got to actually go out and explore the city. Well, maybe not the entire city, but I found a Target (SCORE!!) and rode my bike down to the Arch. This is what I saw...

I found this really nifty statue. I had no idea what it was until I just googled it. It's Lewis and Clark and is apparently 23 ft tall. Well, I guess if the water levels are down you can actually see the whole thing.

I also went on the Arch grounds. I keep getting odd looks for riding my pink Schwinn bike...but I didn't care. I just kept thinking about 500 Days and how I need a basket for my bike.

The Arch is pretty massive...I didn't go up to the top because my keys had pepper spray on it and apparently you're not allowed in it with pepper spray. Who knew? So, I guess next time I'll leave it at home.

Oh and then there is this really nifty color-shifting building I can see from my balcony. It keeps me quite entertained.

I learned a quite important lesson while riding my bike around too...

Never ride your bike on a cobblestone matter how cool it looks.

Apartment pictures are coming soon. Hope ya'll are having a great weekend :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Fill in the blank Friday :)

It's fill in the blank Friday over at Lauren's blog. If you want to play along, make sure you link it up :)

1. My favorite current TV show is The Big Bang Theory. I love that there is a group of people, albeit fictional people, that are dorkier and quirkier than I am. I think I'd fit in with that group just fine.

2. The TV character I can relate to most is honestly...well, I can relate to Rory Gilmore on some aspects of life, especially the school related stuff.

3. My life is like (fill in with TV show and why).... Gilmore Girls. Well maybe not really, but seriously, the insane things that happen within my family could really be written into the show quite well.

4. My all time favorite TV show is (doing the thinking man because this one is too hard) Doctor Who? Gilmore Girls? American Dreams? I just don't know.

5. A TV show that is ridiculously stupid, but I continue to watch is Doctor Who. It's sci fi. I love it though. The monsters are ridiculously cheesy, but the show has heart.

6. My favorite TV couple is well dang, I don't know. How about Rose and the Doctor.

7. One TV episode I could watch over and over again is the episode of Big Bang Theory either where they're singing "Soft Kitty"

or when Sheldon is in the ball pit.

Now it's your turn to play along :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

May the odds ever be in your favor

  • I refuse to believe that Cinna is dead...even if he's an Avox, anything is better than dead.

  • Call me optimistic, but I have not given up hope that District 13 has survived in some shape.

  • I am without a doubt in love with The Boy with the Bread.

  • I support the Girl on Fire.

  • And most importantly, I believe in the cause...

    I will never be a piece in the Capitol's games. I will rebel. The odds will never be in the Capitol's favor again.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Georgia On My Mind

So tomorrow, Friday the 13th (dun dun dun), I'm moving to St Louis. Besides my family and friends that I'll miss (because that's a given), here are the creature comforts and familiar places that I'll miss...

1. The glow in the dark stars on my ceiling. I've had these suckers up since 7th or 8th grade. That means they've been sticking up there at least 13 years. I'll miss gazing at these at night.

2. My puppy, Patches. Well, technically he's not a puppy, he'll be 15 in November, but he'll always be a puppy to me.


Thanks Skyscraper Forum for the picture.

The Bank of America building in Atlanta...or as I refer to it, the Pencil Building. Seriously, it looks like a pencil at the top. I can't stand Bank of America, but the building is so pretty when all lit up at night.

4. My swimming pool and hot tub in my backyard. I'm seriously a pool snob, I've had a pool in my backyard since I was 10. I love being able to sit in the pool during the summer reading a book on the edge. During the winter, one of my favorite things to do is get in the hot tub and stare up at the pretty stars while looking at my breathe get all frosty. I'll miss this.

5. Waffle House. Don't knock it. It's amazing, with their scattered and covered hashbrowns and waffles...not that I can finish either when I order them together.

6. Mayfield Milk. The magical milk in the magical yellow jug in which no other milk can compare. I can drink a gallon of milk all by myself in half a week, and I'll going to be going through withdrawals.

7. Race Trak Icees. They don't have them out in St. Louis and my heart hurts thinking about it :(

8. Chick-fil-a. They don't have these things out in St. Louis. I was raised on them and Truett Cathy, the founder, has such an amazing business ethic that I admire so much. Their lemonade is to die for.

9. My happy yellow house. It always looks cheery no matter how gloomy it is. I feel like you can see how much love went into the house, even from the outside.


99x. I'm a total 99x girl. I've been listing to them since they first started up in the 90s, followed them on the Internet when they took a couple year vacation, and talked them up so much when they returned to the air. I'm a loyal 99x listener and will always be. I'll be listening to them stream online, but I'm sad that I won't be able to rock out in my car

Monday, August 9, 2010

Death of a Camera

I've had my lovely Sony Cyber-shot for two years. Then all of the sudden, it broke. It won't even turn on and I'm horribly sad. I'm a little tight on money, so I may have to go without a camera until Christmas (big sad face here). Do ya'll have any camera recommendations (preferably for a brand that lasts more than 2 years)?

Friday, August 6, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday

So I decided to play along with Lauren's delicious fill in the blanks...

1. Today for breakfast I ate cinnamon toast with orange sauce. So stinkin' delicious.

2. My go to/never fail recipe is my Mama's spaghetti.

3. Something I eat that other people think is weird is putting jelly on my eggs and's seriously some good stuff. Also, I don't do this a lot, but I love putting peanuts in a coke. They taste so yummy.

4. My worst cooking disaster ever was whenI decided to make meatloaf when I was younger. I had this bright idea of cooking it on the stove top.

5. If I could only eat one flavor of ice cream the rest of my life it would be mint chocolate chip or Vermonty Python from Ben and Jerry's.

6. One food I hate and avoid at all costs is english peas...yuck! Just the sends me running the other way.

7. What is your favorite meal? Breakfast, lunch, or dinner? I'm a breakfast girl all the way. I could eat it three times a day and I love it when I have breakfast for dinner.

Go to Lauren's blog and fill this's so much fun.