Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Random Thoughts...

Okay, more like 2 random thoughts, but I thought I'd share.

Does anyone else think that Justin Bieber and Paul Wesley favor?

Also, does this commercial...

remind you of this from Doug? I am such a 90s child.

Any random thoughts you'd like to share?

Monday, October 17, 2011

abcs of me

I couldn't resist joining in on this post any longer...so here we go, the ABCS of Me :D

Age: 24

Bedsize: Queen.

Chores that you hate: I hate having to drag my laundry to the basement of my apartment building. So I usually try to get away with doing laundry only once a week.

Dogs: Zero. I lost my beloved Patches earlier this year.

Essential start to your day: Coffee and a phone call to my Mama.

Favorite color: I have a lot of favorite colors. When I was little they were "lime green and a sickly shade of orange". Now I love yellow and blue.

Gold or Silver: It depends on my mood. Can I cheat and say White Gold?

Height: 5'-10"

Instruments you play: I played the clarinet when I was younger. I also took guitar lessons, and I'm hoping to brush up on my skills (or lack there of) soon.

Job title: Graduate student and Curatorial Assistant

Kids: I love kiddos. I worked in an elementary school for 4 1/2 years and nannied over the summer. I'm not ready for my own kids yet, but I love "borrowing" them for a few hours.

Live: I live in Georgia, but I stay in the midwest.

Mother's Name: Mama, Mumsie Dearest...Linda.

Nicknames: Oh goodness, there are a lot. Elysie Piecie, Ese, Esies, Pumpkin, JD, OCJD, E, Lilster, Dipstick, Doodlebug, Angel Baby, Lyse, Goober Twin, Belyse...and the list could go on and on.

Overnight hospital stays: None...thank goodness.

Pet peeves: When people smack on their gum! Ugh. Oh and when people disrespect books.

Quote from a movie or tv show: "I've always felt out of step. Like literally stumbling through my life. I never felt normal. Because I'm not normal. I don't want to be."

Right or Lefty: I'm a righty...but I use my left hand sometimes too.
Siblings: I'm an only child.

Time you wake up: 6:45 AM on days I have to work...the other days, just whenever I wake up.

Underwear: From Target.

Vegetable you hate: English peas...gag.

What makes you run late: Deciding I hate my outfit, or watching too much tv while getting ready.

X-Rays You've Had: What have I not had an xray on? My foot, ankle, arm, chest cavity, back, head...you name it I've had it.

Yummy food you make: I think I'm a pretty good cook. I make some killer Italian food...homemade sauce is a must.

Zoo Animal: Besides otters...zebrahs of course! And yes, I spell zebrahs how phonetically.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

You are Extraordinary

Over at the wonderful Sara's blog, I found a link to this lovely post. It spoke so much to my heart that I had to pass it on. Please, go read this...

"....be grateful of every breath, every step, every minute you are alive & blinking in this moment. Realize that beauty is just a concept. Keep it in perspective. Meditate on the miraculousness of your body, the cohesiveness of your insides. Those are the things that truly matter. Your body is beautiful, perfect, outstanding the way it is."

Monday, October 3, 2011

Finishing up the 10 day challenge

Day 8--Three Films

For a girl who doesn't like chick flicks...this is my all time favorite movie.

Day 9--Two Songs

Day 10--One Picture

Sunday, October 2, 2011


So I kinda screwed up on this 10 day challenge thing, so here's days 4-7 and then tomorrow I'll post 8-10.

Day 4: 7 Wants

1. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin.
2. I want my Mama to get better.
3. I want to be able to stop second guessing myself.

4. I want to learn how to play a new song on my guitar.

5. I want to lose 10 pounds by the end of this year.

6. I want to try to blog at least 2x a week. Sometimes it just feels like a chore.

7. I want to learn how to say NO.

Day 5: Six Places

1. Seattle, Washington. It is by far one of my favorite places I have ever traveled to. In fact, I don't know if I should limit this to Seattle Washington, or just put Pacific Northwest. So many happy memories here.

Picture Via

2. London, England. Or in other words "Fundon". My trip when I turned 16 was cancelled, due to various reasons...but I've been an anglophile for as long as I can remember. I'm afraid if I visit, I may not come back.

3. Georgia. My home state. I love it so much. There is really something charming about it.

4. The Jersey Shore. I swear it is not as trashy as the tv show makes it seem. I've had some lovely summers spent there.

5. Amelia Island, Florida. This may be my new favorite place to vacation. Such a quaint island, with a lazy feel. One of the most relaxing places I've ever been.

6. Turino, Italy. It's wear my Great Grandma is from...well not technically there, but it's the closest big city. I would love to see her village and be able to spend time with my Italian cousins.

Day 6: Five Foods

1. Shrimp and Grits. Seriously, if you've never had them. Do it.

2. My Mama's spaghetti. Seriously, her homemade sauce is better than any restaurant's.
3. Icees. That counts as a food right?

4. Smart Food Popcorn...combined with an icee, it's like heaven.

5. My family super secret chocolate cake. SO STINKIN' GOOD.

Day 7: Four Books

Disclaimer...these are not necessarily my favorite books. But rather the last 4 books that I have read.

1. Lola and the Boy Next Door

2. Night's Child

3. Full Circle

4. Reckoning