Tuesday, September 27, 2011

10 Day Challenge -- Day 3

Day 3 -- 8 Fears

1. Aliens. Ever since the Hale Bop Comet and the Heaven's Gate mass suicide, I've been terrified of aliens. Doctor Who being the glaring exception to this world.

2. Asteroids. When Armageddon came out when I was little, I was terrified that I was going to die because an asteroid was going to come and take us all out. Yep, and the recent space trash flying at us brought this fear back up.

3. Dying alone.

4. I'm afraid that my worrying is going to push people away.

5. I'm afraid that I may lose myself and my identity.

6. I can be so much of an only child, that sometimes I'm afraid that when I do find my significant other, I won't know how to handle the relationship.

7. I'm afraid that something will happen to my family while I'm away at school.

8. Sometimes I can legitimately see myself with agoraphobia, because I tend to get paralyzed with worry sometime. This scares me more than anything.

9. I'm afraid that I'm not going to find a job when I graduate in May.

10. I'm terrified of my graduate exit project.

What are you afraid of?

Monday, September 26, 2011

10 Day Challenge--Day 2

Day 2...9 Loves

1. My parents. They are my best friends.

2. My besties...I'm not going to name names, you know who you are.

3. Icees. This girl loves her some 32 oz, Coke icees from RaceTrak.

4. Muse. Their music speaks to my soul...as cheesy as that sounds.

5. My collection of books. Please don't make me choose a favorite. They're all amazing. Each with their different typefaces, smells, page texture. Don't get me gushing about my books.

6. The sound of the waves crashing outside of my bedroom window, when my family and I go on vacation. I would be in heaven if I could hear this sound daily.

7. There is this smell my room gets when my childhood room gets really warm. It's hard to describe. It's not musty, but a really clean smell. It reminds me of being little and content.

8. British accents. It had to be said. There is nothing more beautiful than a good British accent.

9. Airports. Weird love, but I do. I love to make up stories in my head as I'm people watching. Where are they going? Who are they meeting? It's fun. There is such a wonderful sense of adventure at the airport.

10. The smell of the earth after it has just rained. That smell of the soil, the trees...it's just such a comforting warm smell. It's one of the happiest smells in the world to me.

What are your loves?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

10 Day Challenge

I found this lovely challenge from Vanessa and thought it would be fun to play along. So here goes nothing...

10 Secrets

1. I say I'm not a stress eater, but I really am. Actually more of a stress drinker. Not alcoholic type of drinker...but an icee drinker. Icees cure everything.

2. I think Glee's first season was its best season. Last season was blah...

3. Fictional boyfriends (i.e. books/tv/movies) have not ruined my expectations for guys.
4. Sometimes I wish I could be more daring. I walk a pretty straight line.

5. I think sometimes, I worry just to worry, even though I don't know how to stop.

6. I sometimes think about getting a tattoo...but then the thought of not liking it when I'm 80 always stops me.

7. I think that if I lose weight, people will like me better.

8. That being said, I am very wishy washy in my self confidence. Some days I feel feisty and comfortable in my own skin...others I don't.

9. Sometimes, trying to be optimistic can be tiring. It's good to have a good mopey day every once in a while.

10. I believe in the power of my teddy bear, Cherry. When I get upset, she is still the thing I hold onto at night.

Let me know if you decide to play along :D

Saturday, September 24, 2011

West Egg Cafe

When I was back home for the summer, I met one of my sorority sisters, in Atlanta for brunch. Since I hadn't been in town in a while, I decided to be nice (and because I'm so indecisive) to let her pick. After doing some research (she's my kinda girl), Danielle picked out West Egg Cafe.

The West Egg is nestled by the White Provision Residences, off of Howell Mill. If you're not familiar with Atlanta, I promise it's easy to get to. And it's totally worth it. Plus, the name came from The Great Gatsby...how can you get any better than this?

I ordered the Fried Green Tomato Wrap with Roasted Garlic Grits. And boy, was it yummy.

So was my lovely French Vanilla cappuccino. I've never had coffee art and I was so impressed by this. It's the little things people.

I cannot wait to get back home, and come eat here again. I'm thinking next time I'm ordering Georgia Benedict. Yum. Yum.

-Also on a side note, the lovely Kaycie is having a giveaway over at her blog, Redhead Memories. Have you entered yet?

Friday, September 23, 2011

It's that time of the week again...

Happy Friday everyone! If you want to play along, don't forget to link up with Lauren's blog.

1. The best thing I did all week was watch Castle with Dawn this Monday. It was so much fun to have somebody to fangirl with. I forever owe her for getting me hooked on this show.

2. Movie marathons are the best. Especially when you theme food and decor around them. (I.E. This Post)

3. Pets are amazing. They fill your heart with so much warmth and love. I still haven't completely gotten over losing my beloved, Patches, earlier this year. But one day, I'd like to have another dog.

4. My family and friends are the best thing about my life. I know this is a stereotypical answer, but it's the truth. I've said it before, and I'll say it again...I'm nothing without them.

5. With the cooler weather I am looking forward to hoodies! I absolutely love hoodies and own way too many of them. There is nothing better than lounging around in a wonderful hoodie.

6. Something that's on my "wish list" right now is confidence and to stop worrying so much. I can give you a list of material items that I'd like at the moment, but these top even those material wants.

7. This weekend I am going to be doing homework. I'm also going to skype with my Mama so I can tell her happy birthday "in person". Saturday I'm going to my friend's cookout. I'm pretty excited. Yay for the weekend.

PS...I have this song in my head at the moment. It's old, but it's kind of relevant at the moment.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday!

It's a little late in the day, but it's still Friday...so here we go!

1. You should always take time to enjoy the little things...even if it is just a strawberry limeade before class, or stopping in a book store just for the smell of it. Random examples, but it is the little moments in life that are often forgotten. I try my best to remember to enjoy them.

2. Books make the world a happier place to be. There is nothing better than a good book.

3. I can hardly wait for Thanksgiving. I can't wait to go home and see my family and meet one of my bestie's new little boy.

4. Friday is my favorite day of the week. Currently I have Fridays off of school and work. So it is my me day. I love it.

5. Something totally dumb and ridiculous that I love is the "Party Rock Anthem" music video. I totally want to learn the dance. I'm stealing Lauren's answer for this. I sent out this video to my friends, insisting that we must learn it for our girl's night. They didn't go along with it.

6. If I could, I would hire a laundress to do all my laundry. I totally stole this answer from Lauren, again, but I couldn't help it. I hate dragging my laundry down seven floors to do it.

7. I rather like nicknames. I think they're a lot of fun. I also feel like a nickname has to be earned, and I love when I'm given one.

PS: If you want to play along, make sure you link up with Lauren's blog!

Also, this video was too good not to share. Thanks for sharing this with me, Jess.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


So I get a little obsessed with things...at the moment, it's good songs. Well, I guess that's all subjective, but here are the current songs I'm obsessed with.

Kanye and JayZ dropped "Otis" some time in the recent past. But all I could think about is the original song "Try A Little Tenderness" and Duckie.

Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse. This song is beautiful.


I am not a Beyonce fan, but I can't get enough of this song. I think it's because she's actually singing and not screaming. And the beat is so fun.

"The Next Episode" it's the radio edit, but it's not entirely clean. My friend, Kristina, and I have recently rediscovered this song. For some reason I'm always humming this or the Sanford and Sons theme song.

I resisted "Moves Like Jagger" for a very long time. It wasn't until this past week when the volunteers at work got it stuck in my head that I finally accepted it.

I know they're not all new, or the best things ever...but they're all pretty much on rotation in my head. I'm always looking for good music. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So you've become a Doctor Who fangirl! (or boy!)...or you've noticed some changes in your friends...

Heyhihello, blog readers!

My name is Kat and I've put together a list of a few traits
that may appear once one becomes addicted obsessed a fangirl!

Going around arguing the Cool Factor of bow ties.

Acquiring TARDIS-blue accessories.

Display of "New Episode" face

Usage of Doctor Who reactions and graphics on unrelated things.

Cellphone ringtones and alerts become:
the theme song


other soundbites

Adopting catch phrases into texts and conversations.

Display of "My Date Didn't Show Up in a TARDIS" face

A sudden interest in the rise and fall of Rome.

TARDIS-blue becomes a wardrobe-defining color.

Yes, yes... I am guilty of these myself... What about you all!
What other traits of a Doctor Who fangirl? (OR BOY!)

Thanks for playing along! I hope you leave more traits in the comments!
I also want to thank ElysiePiecie for letting me write my very first guest post!
IF you'd like to read more fangirl-y posts from me, I blog here.
Alas, I am way more loyal to tumblr, Twitter and YouTube!
Okey! Enough pimping of myself!

Allons-y, Alonso!

{ps. all images via tumblr}

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The ABCs of Doctor Who

Hello! I’m Abbi from glam bam thank you ma’am, and I love Doctor Who.

(can you tell?)

I could literally go on all day about all the things I love about Doctor Who. But since I probably shouldn’t do that, here’s a little list of my favorite things, in alphabetical order.

Allons-y, Allonso!
Bowties are cool. (See also: Fezes are cool. Stetsons are cool.)
Come along, Pond.
Don’t. Blink. Blink and you’re dead.
Exterminate! Exterminate!
Fish fingers and custard.
Harvey Wallbanger?!
I’m waving at fat!
Jack Harkness.
Late night marathons. We’ve all had them.
Matt Smith. (And David Tennant. And Christoper Eccleston. I love them all.)
New new Earth.
Ood! I love the Ood.
Ponds. The Ponds are amazing.
Queen Victoria. “I am not amused.”
Rose Tyler. And Raxacoricofallapatorius.
Sonic screwdriver (even though it doesn’t do wood.)
The glasses. And squealing every single time Tennant wears them.
Unicorn and The Wasp. It’s simultaneously the best and worst episode.
Vashta Nerada.
Wilfred Mott. And wibbly wobbly timey wimey.
X...I tried and tried and this was the only one I couldn’t come up with.
You just want to mate?!
Z-Neutrino Biological Inversion Catalyser (extra points to anyone who can get this one.)

I’m always looking for an excuse to fangirl anywhere and everywhere, so thanks to the always wonderful Elyse for giving me yet another outlet to do so! :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

"...nerds like stuff"

She's my the first of my lovely Who obsessed fangirls. You can follow her tumblr over here. Who is this girl you may ask? Without any further ado, here's the lovely Jess, as she professes her love for Doctor Who.

I live my life in a series of obsessions. Pick any point in my 24-year timeline, and I can probably tell you exactly what I was obsessed with at that moment. Although my obsessions have included music, sports, and places, most often, they revolve around stories. Characters. Fiction. (But is it really fiction when you love it so much? It becomes real, and you find its parallel everywhere in life.) When I find a new story or character to love, I really, really love it. It’s difficult to explain how much I can love something—how it can become ingrained into my head and and root itself into such deep-seated emotions. Luckily, I’ve always found that I’m not alone in my obsessions. No matter how crazy I know I am with my obsession, I know there is someone else out there who gets it. And it’s usually not just someone—it’s a whole group. A group of nerds with the same obsession.


I’ve always been a nerd. I’ve never tried to deny it. I warn people I meet about it. But I’ve learned that being a nerd isn’t a bad thing. Not at all. Being a nerd is fantastic. You get to love things unashamedly and unite with brilliant, creative people who feel the same way. I think John Green said it best in one of his videos talking about Harry Potter (one of my many obsessions):


Yes, nerds like stuff. We like stuff to the point where some people honestly cannot understand why. But unlike the conventional stereotype, a nerd will always have a friend. Because nerds can’t keep things to themselves. They have to find other people who feel the same. And they always do.


My current obsession is, of course, Doctor Who. I can’t think of a better example of the classic definition of “nerd.” It’s a British sci-fi show about an alien who travels through time and space and defeats other aliens and monsters. But it’s so much more! Trying to explain this show to someone who has never heard of it is not easy. Because how do you explain, in so many words, your intimate love for and connection to the characters, or how complicated and brilliant the story is, or how The Doctor and his companions make you laugh, or how exciting it is to see where the Tardis lands, or how you become a part of this show every time you watch? You can’t. You really just have to make them watch it and hope they get it.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

In Memoriam

Ten years ago, on this date, a great tragedy befell upon our country. I was in 9th grade and news of the terrorists attacks first came while I was in my homeroom algebra class. Being out in a trailer, we didn't have TV, so I was pretty much oblivious to the extent of what was going on. When I moved into the main building, in geography, my class sat in awe as we watched the World Trade Centers crumble to the ground. We watched as the Pentagon smoked, and heard of those brave souls who perished in Flight 93.

Ten years later I choose to remember the positive that came out of 9/11. Positive, you say? Yes, you must remember that "happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, when one only remembers to turn on the light."* September 11th is my Maw-Maw's birthday. I choose to not let the day of her birth be tainted by sadness. I choose to remember the closeness our country felt after the 9/11 attacks. I remember feeling a deep sadness, but seeing a country mourn together reminded me that if we stood united, that the United States of America could prevail.

That unity that we as a country felt can still be continued, even in times of normality. I found this list over at
Kelsey's blog. I think it makes perfect sense with what I remember about 9/11.

Smile when you make eye contact with someone.
Hold the door open for the person behind you.
Send a hand-written thank you card to someone who assisted you with something.
Clean out all your old clothes and donate them to someone in need.
Give a compliment about a waiter, waitress, sales clerk, etc. to his or her manager.
Live each moment with enthusiasm.
Spend time with children and greet the world with wide-eyed wonder.
Eliminate the words ‘hate,’ ‘can’t,’ and ‘won’t’ from your vocabulary.
Volunteer. Get outside of yourself and help others. Your participation is needed.
Notice and appreciate the positive side of things and share this appreciation with others.
Share your talents with someone.
Forgive someone.
Think, speak and act in a loving manner.
Introduce yourself. Make new colleagues, classmates, etc. feel welcome.
Inspire others online.

Let us never forget the events that happened on September 11th. I will always feel a little off on this day, but it is what we choose to do on this day that truly matters.

*Albus Dumbledore

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Let the Doctor Who Fangirling Begin!

In honor of Doctor Who starting back up again after summer hiatus a couple of weeks ago, my awesome fangirls and I have decided to give a tribute to the amazing Doctor. I hope you enjoy these next couple of fangirly posts, because I must say, they were a joy to work on.

Long ago back in 2005/2006, back when BBCA first starting showing the new series of Doctor Who, I was a freshman in college. Things were weird. I was all alone and had not quite found my niche of friends. Family life was a bit strange and I didn't know where to turn. That's when I found a this funny man with a blue box.

Picture via

The 9th Doctor and his partner Rose took me on a journey to far away lands and times. It was the perfect escape from reality that I needed.

Picture Via

I followed the Doctor as he regenerated and came upon different companions. The show, no matter how cheesy it may be, kept me captivated. The show has heart. Instead of going into reasons why I love the show. I mean hello, David Tennant and Billie Piper's relationship alone is a great answer. And Roranicus Pondicus is another...but I thought I'd focus on the lessons that I've learned from The Doctor and his wonderful companions.

The Doctor unites people. In the show the Doctor has united enemies together, made love connections, and has even united the whole of Great Britain. It is the Doctors ability to love and care about those in his life that helps the show have such great character. It has even brought myself closer to these wonderful girls who have posted. The Doctor just has this wonderful ability to bring people together.

The Doctor has also taught me that it's okay to be scared sometimes and to run away. Goodness knows, if you're going to be a companion, you've got to have a good pair of running shoes. But he has also taught me that there is a time to be brave as well. Just as in the real world, the Doctor is not always there to save his companions...despite his best attempts. When in those times, you just have to make due and face your fears. It is hard to explain this without there being spoilers for those who have not watched yet, but trust me. Courage is definitely something to be learned.

The Doctor makes things that appear uncool, very cool. Remember that post I did earlier? The one where I said I'm ready to be me? Well, the Doctor would be my biggest advocate. The Doctor would say "Hey! It's okay to be yourself." The Doctor is himself all the time. Who cares if bow ties, glasses, stetsons, or fezzes aren't cool? The Doctor says wear them anyway. We should all adopt this philosophy. Who cares if something we do isn't considered cool? Do it anyways for the sheer fact that it makes you happy.

I have a lot to thank the Doctor for. To put it all in one post would be too much for ya'll...and frankly too much for me to write. That's why I've recruited some pretty awesome girls to help me out. For now, I'll just leave it at this. While Doctor Who is science fiction, the emotions are real. You experience heartache, joy, excitement, all because of 900 year old man with 2 hearts.

To Being Me...

Please excuse me while I rant a minute...

I'm tired of feeling judged for being the person I want to be. Who cares if I'm 24 years old and still reads out of the Y.A. section? Who cares if I love Taylor Swift and Katy Perry? Who cares if I have the innate tendency to smile all the time...even when I don't realize I'm doing it.

I'm tired of having to defend myself and my actions, and feeling guilty when I don't live up to expectations. Life is about having fun. You only get to live once, so why try to fit into the status quo? I like what I like, and I'm not going to change for anyone. I've struggled for long enough trying to feel comfortable in my own skin and I'm tired of it. In the words of the wise Selena "I'm just beautiful me." I'm not going to let the naysayers get me down. I'm going to be me no matter what. Take it or leave it.