Saturday, September 24, 2011

West Egg Cafe

When I was back home for the summer, I met one of my sorority sisters, in Atlanta for brunch. Since I hadn't been in town in a while, I decided to be nice (and because I'm so indecisive) to let her pick. After doing some research (she's my kinda girl), Danielle picked out West Egg Cafe.

The West Egg is nestled by the White Provision Residences, off of Howell Mill. If you're not familiar with Atlanta, I promise it's easy to get to. And it's totally worth it. Plus, the name came from The Great can you get any better than this?

I ordered the Fried Green Tomato Wrap with Roasted Garlic Grits. And boy, was it yummy.

So was my lovely French Vanilla cappuccino. I've never had coffee art and I was so impressed by this. It's the little things people.

I cannot wait to get back home, and come eat here again. I'm thinking next time I'm ordering Georgia Benedict. Yum. Yum.

-Also on a side note, the lovely Kaycie is having a giveaway over at her blog, Redhead Memories. Have you entered yet?


  1. I love a good brunch! I'm a sucker for pancakes though :)

  2. This place looks amazing. I wish I lived in the US even more now! I do love a good brunch.

  3. Hey - thanks for blogging about West Egg. Your blog came up in our google alerts. I'll be sure to share it with the owners!