Monday, September 12, 2011

"...nerds like stuff"

She's my the first of my lovely Who obsessed fangirls. You can follow her tumblr over here. Who is this girl you may ask? Without any further ado, here's the lovely Jess, as she professes her love for Doctor Who.

I live my life in a series of obsessions. Pick any point in my 24-year timeline, and I can probably tell you exactly what I was obsessed with at that moment. Although my obsessions have included music, sports, and places, most often, they revolve around stories. Characters. Fiction. (But is it really fiction when you love it so much? It becomes real, and you find its parallel everywhere in life.) When I find a new story or character to love, I really, really love it. It’s difficult to explain how much I can love something—how it can become ingrained into my head and and root itself into such deep-seated emotions. Luckily, I’ve always found that I’m not alone in my obsessions. No matter how crazy I know I am with my obsession, I know there is someone else out there who gets it. And it’s usually not just someone—it’s a whole group. A group of nerds with the same obsession.


I’ve always been a nerd. I’ve never tried to deny it. I warn people I meet about it. But I’ve learned that being a nerd isn’t a bad thing. Not at all. Being a nerd is fantastic. You get to love things unashamedly and unite with brilliant, creative people who feel the same way. I think John Green said it best in one of his videos talking about Harry Potter (one of my many obsessions):


Yes, nerds like stuff. We like stuff to the point where some people honestly cannot understand why. But unlike the conventional stereotype, a nerd will always have a friend. Because nerds can’t keep things to themselves. They have to find other people who feel the same. And they always do.


My current obsession is, of course, Doctor Who. I can’t think of a better example of the classic definition of “nerd.” It’s a British sci-fi show about an alien who travels through time and space and defeats other aliens and monsters. But it’s so much more! Trying to explain this show to someone who has never heard of it is not easy. Because how do you explain, in so many words, your intimate love for and connection to the characters, or how complicated and brilliant the story is, or how The Doctor and his companions make you laugh, or how exciting it is to see where the Tardis lands, or how you become a part of this show every time you watch? You can’t. You really just have to make them watch it and hope they get it.


  1. Ahh! It's like Jess borrowed a part of my soul and put it into a blog post!!!

    Plus the Nerdfighter shout-out!!!

    "But is it really fiction when you love it so much? It becomes real, and you find its parallel everywhere in life."

    Brilliant. Love!

  2. Jess, get out of my brain.
    But seriously, this is a much more eloquent depiction of exactly how I feel.
    "How you become a part of this show every time you watch it." I am writing that down.
    YES. I love it all, so much :)