Saturday, September 10, 2011

Let the Doctor Who Fangirling Begin!

In honor of Doctor Who starting back up again after summer hiatus a couple of weeks ago, my awesome fangirls and I have decided to give a tribute to the amazing Doctor. I hope you enjoy these next couple of fangirly posts, because I must say, they were a joy to work on.

Long ago back in 2005/2006, back when BBCA first starting showing the new series of Doctor Who, I was a freshman in college. Things were weird. I was all alone and had not quite found my niche of friends. Family life was a bit strange and I didn't know where to turn. That's when I found a this funny man with a blue box.

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The 9th Doctor and his partner Rose took me on a journey to far away lands and times. It was the perfect escape from reality that I needed.

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I followed the Doctor as he regenerated and came upon different companions. The show, no matter how cheesy it may be, kept me captivated. The show has heart. Instead of going into reasons why I love the show. I mean hello, David Tennant and Billie Piper's relationship alone is a great answer. And Roranicus Pondicus is another...but I thought I'd focus on the lessons that I've learned from The Doctor and his wonderful companions.

The Doctor unites people. In the show the Doctor has united enemies together, made love connections, and has even united the whole of Great Britain. It is the Doctors ability to love and care about those in his life that helps the show have such great character. It has even brought myself closer to these wonderful girls who have posted. The Doctor just has this wonderful ability to bring people together.

The Doctor has also taught me that it's okay to be scared sometimes and to run away. Goodness knows, if you're going to be a companion, you've got to have a good pair of running shoes. But he has also taught me that there is a time to be brave as well. Just as in the real world, the Doctor is not always there to save his companions...despite his best attempts. When in those times, you just have to make due and face your fears. It is hard to explain this without there being spoilers for those who have not watched yet, but trust me. Courage is definitely something to be learned.

The Doctor makes things that appear uncool, very cool. Remember that post I did earlier? The one where I said I'm ready to be me? Well, the Doctor would be my biggest advocate. The Doctor would say "Hey! It's okay to be yourself." The Doctor is himself all the time. Who cares if bow ties, glasses, stetsons, or fezzes aren't cool? The Doctor says wear them anyway. We should all adopt this philosophy. Who cares if something we do isn't considered cool? Do it anyways for the sheer fact that it makes you happy.

I have a lot to thank the Doctor for. To put it all in one post would be too much for ya'll...and frankly too much for me to write. That's why I've recruited some pretty awesome girls to help me out. For now, I'll just leave it at this. While Doctor Who is science fiction, the emotions are real. You experience heartache, joy, excitement, all because of 900 year old man with 2 hearts.


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  2. I've never watched it...maybe I should! :)