Friday, September 23, 2011

It's that time of the week again...

Happy Friday everyone! If you want to play along, don't forget to link up with Lauren's blog.

1. The best thing I did all week was watch Castle with Dawn this Monday. It was so much fun to have somebody to fangirl with. I forever owe her for getting me hooked on this show.

2. Movie marathons are the best. Especially when you theme food and decor around them. (I.E. This Post)

3. Pets are amazing. They fill your heart with so much warmth and love. I still haven't completely gotten over losing my beloved, Patches, earlier this year. But one day, I'd like to have another dog.

4. My family and friends are the best thing about my life. I know this is a stereotypical answer, but it's the truth. I've said it before, and I'll say it again...I'm nothing without them.

5. With the cooler weather I am looking forward to hoodies! I absolutely love hoodies and own way too many of them. There is nothing better than lounging around in a wonderful hoodie.

6. Something that's on my "wish list" right now is confidence and to stop worrying so much. I can give you a list of material items that I'd like at the moment, but these top even those material wants.

7. This weekend I am going to be doing homework. I'm also going to skype with my Mama so I can tell her happy birthday "in person". Saturday I'm going to my friend's cookout. I'm pretty excited. Yay for the weekend.

PS...I have this song in my head at the moment. It's old, but it's kind of relevant at the moment.


  1. Uhm your twilight party was amazing and I'm so jealous I wasn't there. Just sayin'.

    I also can't wait to wear hoodies. LOVE them!

    & I wish I'd have confidence and stop worrying too. Le sigh.

    Happy weekend lovey! Hope it is amazing, minus the homework. & happy birthday to your mama!

  2. Oh gosh, I can't wait to start wearing hoodies again! I love wearing them to bed.. it's just so comfy.

    P.S. Animals are the best thing of my life. I still haven't gotten over my first dogs death, but getting another pet really helped me out.