Sunday, September 11, 2011

In Memoriam

Ten years ago, on this date, a great tragedy befell upon our country. I was in 9th grade and news of the terrorists attacks first came while I was in my homeroom algebra class. Being out in a trailer, we didn't have TV, so I was pretty much oblivious to the extent of what was going on. When I moved into the main building, in geography, my class sat in awe as we watched the World Trade Centers crumble to the ground. We watched as the Pentagon smoked, and heard of those brave souls who perished in Flight 93.

Ten years later I choose to remember the positive that came out of 9/11. Positive, you say? Yes, you must remember that "happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, when one only remembers to turn on the light."* September 11th is my Maw-Maw's birthday. I choose to not let the day of her birth be tainted by sadness. I choose to remember the closeness our country felt after the 9/11 attacks. I remember feeling a deep sadness, but seeing a country mourn together reminded me that if we stood united, that the United States of America could prevail.

That unity that we as a country felt can still be continued, even in times of normality. I found this list over at
Kelsey's blog. I think it makes perfect sense with what I remember about 9/11.

Smile when you make eye contact with someone.
Hold the door open for the person behind you.
Send a hand-written thank you card to someone who assisted you with something.
Clean out all your old clothes and donate them to someone in need.
Give a compliment about a waiter, waitress, sales clerk, etc. to his or her manager.
Live each moment with enthusiasm.
Spend time with children and greet the world with wide-eyed wonder.
Eliminate the words ‘hate,’ ‘can’t,’ and ‘won’t’ from your vocabulary.
Volunteer. Get outside of yourself and help others. Your participation is needed.
Notice and appreciate the positive side of things and share this appreciation with others.
Share your talents with someone.
Forgive someone.
Think, speak and act in a loving manner.
Introduce yourself. Make new colleagues, classmates, etc. feel welcome.
Inspire others online.

Let us never forget the events that happened on September 11th. I will always feel a little off on this day, but it is what we choose to do on this day that truly matters.

*Albus Dumbledore


  1. I really like the list. I do most of those things already, but I want to do them even more. Thanks :)

  2. This is a beautiful post, and I'm glad I read it today. Doing what you wrote about is the perfect way to remember what happened on 9/11.