Monday, September 27, 2010

Must Have Monday!!

So I decided to play along with Always Alexandria's Must Have Mondays. I thought it was a really cute idea and I've got a long wish list of things I really want, but I'm a broke grad here's to dreaming about my must haves.

Dear Modcloth, please carry clothes that will fit my boobs. Or maybe I should just find a super restricting bra so I can button up this coat.

I love this dress from Timeless Vixen's Etsy shop. I don't know what I would wear it to, but I want it. I know it's sold, but seriously, if it was cheaper that baby would've been mine.

I have a little obsession with gnomes. They're pretty much my favorite. I think I need this apron, even though my Mama points out that I'm too messy for a half apron.

I've had my eye on this necklace for months. I love tea cups.

This jacket reminds me of my Pap-Pap's real bomber jacket that I'm not allowed to wear. So until I get to wear his...this one would work. But considering the price, I'm pretty sure that I'll get to wear his before this one.

Isn't it fun to dream what you'd buy if you could actually afford it? Maybe one day I'll strike it rich and be able to actually purchase some of these things. What's on your must haves list?


  1. Love it!! I am glad you did one this week! I failed to write a must have monday, so I got my fix over here. I love that red coat! SWOON.

  2. That red coat is gorgeous! I have the same boob problem. I have been looking for cute dresses lately and most make my boobs look huge!

  3. I love Etsy. My bank account doesn't.

  4. wow... that timeless vixen dress is GORGEOUS. it reminds me of cinderella.

  5. I love the Timeless Vixen dress is it so pretty!