Saturday, September 4, 2010

Remember that time...

Remember that time that I went to a book signing all by myself?

Remember that time that I got really excited because I was going to get my book signed from the creator of the lovely Jace Wayland?

Well, if you don't here's a recollection of what happened...

I got to sit front row at a Cassie Clare book signing. Yes, she looked at me and talked to me.

This is Cassie going, "Hey you know that girl sitting over there (talking about me of course) she's totally legit." Or maybe not, but she did talk to me about steampunk, which was pretty nifty.

I met some lovely people there and I was happy that I wasn't the oldest Cassie Clare fan there.

Anywho, it came time to get my book signed, when I got to snap a picture with Cassie. We weren't allowed to go behind the table, but I got to do the lean over thing.

This is what makes me happy right now. Here's to hoping this book will make me go, Peeta who?


  1. How fun!! I need to purchase this book VERY soon. I'm in need of new reading material after finishing Mockingjay.

  2. Nothing will ever make you say "Peeta who?" It isn't humanly possible!