Monday, October 4, 2010

It's Been A Hard Day's Night...

And seriously, I have been working like a dog. My life currently consists of nothing but work and homework. I knew I would be getting myself into a heap load of trouble when I decided to go to grad school, but I didn't know I would be signing my life away. I haven't talked to my bestie, Smoochie, in over a week (that's a long time for us), nor have I been able to send her the lovely card I made that's just staring at me waiting to be filled out. I don't think I've had an ounce of time where I'm not going, "I should be doing homework instead."

So what gets me through the depressing fact that I have forfeited my life to higher education?

Mr. Alex Pettyfer. Hello Number Four! Do I really have to wait until February to see this? Sorry for the stinky cellphone quality. But thank you Entertainment Weekly for making my day when I saw this :)

My co-workers at Cahokia. Joe, the grounds keeper, couldn't remember my name, so he's started calling me a different name every day that I'm in. The other day it was Mildred, but currently my name is Bubba.

Also, the fact that I get to work somewhere that is pretty as this. Even if I am stuck inside all day, I at least know it's there.

There's also little surprises to wake up to, like all this fog rolling off of the Mississippi.

So my friends, what gets ya'll through those rough, busy times?


  1. Booze. Bahaha. Totally kidding.

    Just having some 'me' time to just be helps me out when I am stressed. Although, it is stressful trying to find such time...basically it is a vicious circle.

  2. a bubble bath, a walk with Taffy or blaring the music and giving myself a few moments to scream my head off in the car(it really releases the stress)... oh and listening to Cake or They May Be Giants and dancing like no one is around!! LOL love ya girl! hang in there.

  3. Mmm Alex Pettyfer is the perfect remedy, isn't he? I am sorry your life has been pretty consumed by Grad school. Make sure you take some time for yourself to relax, even if it's just 5 minutes here and there. I suggest treating yourself to a cupcake.

  4. I love you! And knowing I get to see you over the holidays gets me through!

  5. I am so freaking excited to see "I am number Four" the book was Amazeballs! and ALEX PETTYFER!!! Oh hollywood why musst you torture us so!!!

    Barbie Girl in a GI Joe World