Friday, September 10, 2010

It's that time again...

It's fill in the blank Friday! If you play along make sure you link up with Lauren's blog.

1. The strangest thing I've ever eaten is escargot. My uncle talked me into eating it. It was actually pretty good.

2. I wouldn't be caught dead in...this is a hard one, because I feel like if I say you'll never catch me dead in something, the fates will play a mean trick on me and you'll see me in it. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't catch me in a velour sweatsuit though.

3. When I am 75 I will hopefully be a fiesty old firecracker, surrounded by all my friends and family.

4. If I had to be named after a place I would want to be named Angela, after Port Angeles. They would call me Angie. Oh, or Savannah after Savannah GA.

5. My name is Elyse after Elise in Somewhere in Time and the spelling came from a sweet old lady my mom knew. Nicole...not sure where that came from. I guess I should ask.

6. My all time favorite photo...this is a hard one for me because I can't decide. One of my favorites is a picture of one of my friends Stacey and I in Orlando. I also love this one photo of my Paw-Paw from the 50s when he is wearing a blue jean jacket, looking very handsome.

7. If I could afford it I would be a jetsetting fool. You could not keep me from exploring the world.


  1. I'm with you on #7! have a great friday!

  2. Yes, escargot would seem like an icky thing to eat, but it actually is quite good!

  3. oh how fun. i love the last one. i think i'll tag along!

  4. I hope I'm a firecracker when i'm 75 as well. Your blog is so cute! I'm your newest follower, please follow me back @

    Thanks, Nicole Mariana

  5. I love how you got your name...and I'm pretty sure you're gonna love THIS:

    My daughter's name is Lauren Elise (aka Busy Bee Lauren). I TOTALLY named her after Elise in Somewhere In Time! I loved the movie, and I loved Jane Seymour's character! :)

  6. Nancy, that's awesome. That means you and my Mama were on the same wavelength...which means that ya'll are in the words of Lauren "bomb-diggity-bomb-spice". Mamas are the best.