Sunday, September 5, 2010


So this isn't my favorite Katy Perry song, although it's growing on me. The lyrics really touched my heart though. I'm ready to show people what I'm worth. I'm ready to show my true self to people, I'm finally feeling comfortable in my own skin (kind of). Being in a new city, I can start fresh. People can't judge me here...well they can...but they're starting from a fresh slate, no preconceived notions. Maybe I'll actually be able to fall in love here. I'm ready to start living my life, so get ready, because I'm going ignite the light and let my true self shine.


  1. I'm proud of you for spreading your wings and moving to a new city!! Of the few I have lived in, I have found what you said is can be the real you and let yourself shine without the judgement of people who have known you. I found my real true friends in the military because I wasn't afraid to be me!! I would love to visit you there sometime. If possible next year. I'm going to try to do a bit of traveling next year while Eric is deployed. I think we will have a good time for old times sake!! Good luck girl, someone will fall head over heels for your wonderful personality!!

  2. Thanks Ashley! You're more than welcome any time :) And of course we'd have an amazing time. I'd have to dig out that old Ashlee Simpson cd and maybe rent a Jeep so we can sing it at the top of our lungs. Haha, or maybe pretend that we're flying nazgul or something.