Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's La Push Baby...

So as anyone that has read Twilight knows, La Push is only 15 minutes away from Forks. La Push is one of my favorite places on earth. It's got the trees, water, sand...pretty much everything I could ask for. There are four beaches in and around La Push that everyone should check out: First Beach, Second Beach, Third Beach, and Rialto Beach.

Another well known fact about La Push...the Cullens don't come here. At the Three Rivers Resort, you'll find this sign and some yummy Twilight themed food (i.e. Bella Banana Split, Jacob Black Milkshake, and Cullen Clam Chowder).

This is First Beach. It's probably the easiest to access out of all the beaches. From here you get excellent views of Akalat, my favorite island in the world...more about that later though.

When climbing over the logs to get into First Beach I saw these awesome paw prints and I just knew that it had to be Jacob :) Okay, just kidding, there were a couple of dogs running around on the beach. But hey, a girl can pretend right?

First Beach, is fun and is in the heart of La Push, but Second Beach is my absolute favorite beach. This is where you go to see the tide pools and gorgeous sea stacks. But to get there, you have to do a short hike. It's not so bad on the way down, but on the way up you have stupid stairs that just seem to be never ending. Anywho, this from the hike down to Second Beach.

After the short hike down, you then have to conquer the massive amount of logs in order to actually get to the beach. They're fun to climb over, but if you fall off of them into some water, it's a wee bit chilly.

This my friends, is Second Beach. The tide was in between high and low, so we didn't get to see any of the tide pools. Normally you can walk out towards where that hole is in the cliff.

Here my dears, is Third Beach. This photo is from my trip back in March to Washington. Since the sun was setting at 4 pm while we were there, we didn't have enough time to make the trip, but I didn't want to leave it out.

After exploring La Push, Jana and I headed over to Rialto Beach. Rialto is known for the best views during sunset. Luckily, it stayed sunny long enough for us to see one.

I got a very soggy bottom from sitting on a wet beached log taking all these pictures, but hey it was worth it.

And as a grand finale to La Push...this is Akalat in all its glory at sunset.

Akalat is also known as James Island and it is the final resting place of the Quileute Chiefs. It is tied to the Quileute culture so much that you can just look at it and feel its importance. I am in awe every time I see it. It may just be the anthropologist in me, but this island really is my favorite in the world.

On a further note, did anyone know that the Quileute language is dying? Apparently there are only four native speakers left. Dazzled by Twilight is trying to get a linguist who is fluent in the language to come and try to implement a program to help save the language. My heart sank when I heard this. I'll keep everyone updated if I hear more information on how this project is going.

On the lighter side, the next post will probably be my last about my trip. However, there will be awesome pictures from the places Twilight was actually filmed.

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  1. Is it possible that your pictures are more beautiful than your last trip? Truly beautiful and professional looking!