Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just keep swimming...

I'm usually an upbeat person, the glass if half full kind of girl...but lately, specifically the past couple of days, I'm failing miserably at it. Grad school applications are stressing me out. I began working on them in the fall, but when my top two programs got cut due to funding, I decided to take a temporary break from the process. Now that I'm trying to get back into the game, I've made a few mistakes and written down the wrong deadlines for some. I feel like a failure as of late, because I'm the type of person who doesn't get these things wrong. I feel like I'm failing my parents, because I should be on top of this. It's just scary. I'm talking around in circles, and I'm sorry. My dad just gave me the who talk about how I'm a recent college grad and I should know where I'm going in my life. Am I a failure because I don't? Sigh...crying isn't going to do anything to fix this. I've just got to keep my head up and not stop swimming.


  1. Elyse you are not a failure. I took a year to find where i needed to be. Dont rush it. This is a huge decision. You have already accomplished more than alot of people. remember to breathe. It will find you. just keep looking.

    Next week when i get out of class you wanna do something?


  2. Thanks Karen! I really needed to hear that. I would love to do something next week :) Tuesday maybe? I <3 you!

  3. Keep your head up! You can do it! Don't get discouraged, that will just make things worse.
    Good luck my dear!! as Dory says "Just keep swimming" =)

  4. Thanks Meghan, I can't stay negative for long... especially when I have awesome people telling me I can do it:)