Friday, January 8, 2010

It's just so green...

Hi, my name is Elyse, and I'm addicted to Twilight. Now that we've got that out of the way, I continue this post (and the next couple ones) without feeling any guilt what so ever for it being a bit Twilight-centric and uberlong. The next leg of the wonderful EJ trip was spent in the wonderful land of Twilight (Forks, La Push and Port Angeles). Driving to Forks from Seattle isn't too terribly complicated. It consists of taking one ferry, going over a floating bridge and taking the 101 all the way out to Forks. The scenery is beautiful and green, but there is one terrifying aspect of the drive...Lake Crescent (or the Devil Lake). Now it wasn't so bad this time, because I wasn't driving and it wasn't night time. But I swear, last time I drove around the lake, I could have sworn that there was some monster out there to get me. No signs of said monster this time...aka Cressie...but the ride was still treacherous for my camera's memory card because I was taking so many pictures.

This is Lake Crescent. It is a glacial lake with tons of dead people and a choo choo train down at the bottom of it. Pretty isn't it? Imagine driving around it at night with ice on the road and thinking a gigantic lake monster is going to come up and drag you down into it. Yea, I know, I've got an over active imagination.

About a half an hour down the road from Lake Crescent is the small town of there aren't really any vampires or werewolves there, but it is easy to believe it. This is my silly self standing by the sign. The last time I was in Forks, I had to climb a little hill to get to it, but apparently they moved it down closer to the road so it wouldn't be so much of a liability.

This is the Miller Tree Inn aka the Cullen House. They may be a bit more expensive here that the rest of the places in Forks, but you get killer hospitality and an amazing breakfast that makes it so worth the money.

The entire town has embraced Twilight, which makes for some silly tourist fun.

This is Forks HS. Technically the building the sign is in front of is no longer in use. People want to tear it down, so there is the Save Forks High School fund. You can find it on the Dazzled By Twilight website or Miller Tree Inn's Cullen Blog.

This is me wishfully thinking that I could really drive Bella's truck. I've always wanted a truck, and in my opinion, the older the better.

Sigh, to be able to have Carlisle as a doctor. I mean seriously, Peter Facinelli's entrance as Carlisle in Twilight was probably one of the best movie entrances ever. He could "smite me with his compassion" any day :)

This is Charlie's car. Okay, maybe not really, but all of the officers will answer to Charlie if you call them that.

Forks is beautiful. Yes, it's a small town with only one stoplight. No, there aren't a lot of things to do so you have to drive to Port Angeles for the nearest movie theatre. Do I want to go back? Yes! Hint to the next post...The Cullens don't come here :)


  1. !!!!!! GO TO LA PUSH!!!!

    :D Dying inside for the next post...

  2. blahhh i'm JEALOUS!! I want to go to Forks in the worst way!!! it looks soo amazingly beautiful.

  3. Things are actually reasonably priced out's just the sales tax that gets you. So if you ever get a chance to go out there, take it :) And chill Lauren, La Push is coming ;)