Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Adventure of EJ Part 1

My friend Jana and I wanted to take a trip to celebrate our graduating college. Since we couldn't afford Europe, we went as far away from Georgia as we could without leaving the Continental US. So we went to Washington and Oregon. I will be doing a couple of posts on the trip since we were out there 10 days, and I can't leave out any awesomeness.

This is glorious Seattle. It was sunny the first three days we were there. Pike's Place is one of my favorite places ever. Everything is fresh and yummy.

Jana and I did all the touristy things because it was her first time out there, and to be honest, sometimes it is just fun being a tourist. We bought a City Pass and went to the Space Needle, the Flight Museum, EMP and Sci Fi Museum, the Science Center, the Seattle Aquarium, and did a cruise of the Puget Sound. This is one of my favorite pictures from on top of the Space Needle. You can actually see Mt. Rainier...a rare treat.

We got to stay at this really cool hotel called the Arctic Inn. It used to be known as the Arctic Club and was a gentleman's club back in the 20s. It had this humongous ball room that reminded me of Beauty and the Beast. And yes, I did dance around in a circle by myself. It was absolutely beautiful.

This building, is the Smith Tower. It used to be considered Downtown Seattle, but now it is on the outskirts. The shape of it kind of reminded me of Volterra...I was kind of nerding out.

I could go on and on about Seattle, because it is one of my favorite cities ever. I'm hoping I'll get into the University of Washington for grad school (fingers crossed)! But I'm going to stop gabbing about it and leave you with a teaser picture for the next post.

Bet you can't guess where I went ;) Oh and PS: 10 bonus points for those who can figure out where the nickname EJ came from.


  1. I saw the pictures on facebook and I am UNBELIEVABLY jealous of your trip!! sooo incredible, and thank you again for the postcard. it's being hung up when I go back to school! I think I have an idea where EJ came from... =P

  2. EJ is definitely elyse and jana. and next time you go, you're definitely going to take me with you!

  3. Well of course EJ is Elyse and Jana Chelsea Poo...but it means something else too :)

  4. Really, Elyse?

  5. Really Really Smoochie...jealous much?