Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Random Thoughts...

Okay, more like 2 random thoughts, but I thought I'd share.

Does anyone else think that Justin Bieber and Paul Wesley favor?

Also, does this commercial...

remind you of this from Doug? I am such a 90s child.

Any random thoughts you'd like to share?


  1. goodness, I love Paul Wesley. he is one of the prettiest people to ever exist. I hadn't really noticed the similarities between him and the Biebs before, but I can kind of see something there.

    and Doug is awesome! there's nothing wrong with being a 90s child. we're the best. :]

  2. omg love paul! how fun and haha oh gosh i used to LOVE Doug as a kid! f you're interested i'm giving away a starbuck gift card on my blog! come check it out!

  3. Paul Wesley is really handsome...and don't worry, I say that in an old geezer motherly woman sort of way, HA! And yep, the Biebs DOES kinda resemble him in those pictures!

  4. bahaha I love Doug. Oh man do I love me some Doug. And I kinda hate the Biebs and Paul for their perfect coifs. I want good hair! Why do all the men get the good hair?!