Saturday, June 26, 2010

Turn that frown upside down

So Friday was going to be an amazing day. I got the day off of work, I got paid, and I was heading up to see one of my besties, Smoochie. On the way up to North Georgia I decided to meet up with one of my other other halfs, Lauren, to got Einstein's Bagels. In the process of getting my yummy dutch apple bagel, I dropped it on the floor (it was the last one they had), my bracelet broke, they gave my other bagel to the wrong person, and when I went to leave, my car was booted. $75 to get that sucker off. However, it was a bad roadbump in the middle of what was going to be an awesome weekend.

How do you cure such a case of bad luck that should be bottled and sold as some sort of weapon?

Two icees (I have a free refill cup, so we're lucky it ended with just two).

My Smoochie...

Smoochie's wonderful husband and my fake brother-in-law, plus Nero :)

A tea party, complete with tea made the traditional British way.

A Lunar Eclipse Party sponsored by Summit attended with the besties.

PS...did I mention we saw this lovely man.

Daniel Cudmore...more pretty as a human than a vampire.

What did ya'll do this weekend?

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