Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Eclipse Eve!

Who's going to the midnight showing? ::raises hand::

PS: Incase I need to defend my Team Switzerland status...I love Edward Cullen (he's my personal fav), however I acknowledge the appeal of Jacob...but, he was never the one for Bella.


  1. *raises hand while jumping up and down* ME!! SOO EXCITED =D

  2. Lauren's friend knew someone who rented out a theater for an early showing, so we got to see it at 8:30 instead of midnight! I kinda felt bad for the people waiting in long lines before we went in...they were STILL there waiting when we came out!

    I LOVED IT! How about you?

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  4. I wish I had thought about renting out a theatre...but even if I did think about it, I wouldn't have had the money to do that. That's so amazing that you saw it early. I loved the movie...I got all sappy during it. It was different from the book, but that's to be expected.