Thursday, June 24, 2010

Friends in my head

So in continuation of my last post...I totally have some friends in my head, as Wendy Williams would say. No, not in some schitzophrenic sort of way, but in a I think we could really be friends sort of way.

Taylor Swift

I know everyone loves them some T Swift, but I from what I've read and seen, she seems like a sweetheart and a big goofball. I could totally see us having some good old goofy times together.

Johnny Weir

Oh Johnny, how I love you. You have such spunk and tenacity and remind me of my cousin, Colin. You're amazing and such a good role model of how important it is to be yourself.

Stephenie Meyer

I went on about this in the last post, but seriously, I love me some Stephenie Meyer. Not only do I love her books, but I love her as a person. She's such a great role model. Plus, I love her taste in music and books.

So who are ya'll's friends in your head?


  1. My friend in my head is Paula Deen and Kathy Griffin. I love them both, probably because they are both crazy. I relate to the crazies. Haha!

  2. Oh Paula Deen, I forgot about her. I absolutely love her. I've been to The Lady and Sons and died a lovely food death after eating her butter cake.