Saturday, July 23, 2011

Guest post by the lovely Kaycie

Hello readers of Elysie Piecie’s Peace of Mind! I’m Kaycie and I blog over at Redhead Memories.

My blog name says it all: I’m a carrot top that loves clinging to memories and making them! So, since the final Harry Potter movie just came out, I thought I’d show you some of my adventures with the series.

This is my husband, Scott and I dressing up on Halloween. Ginny and Harry, anyone? It was a good thing we dressed this simply because it turns out that no one in college really dresses up…

My mom and I made this cake for the premiere of the sixth movie. It even had glittery dust all over! Unfortunately there was neither a horcrux nor a resurrection stone inside.

And this is what I sported for the final movie. I went to a 20-hour marathon to celebrate it all so I had to be comfortable. Otherwise, I would have totally decked out in Hogwarts gear. But of course, I had my wand just in case.

It’s sad that the movies and books have come to a close, but there’s no doubt that these books will still remain popular. I can’t wait to share them with my own kids and to have marathons and dress-up parties with them someday.

Thanks so much for reading and thanks to Elyse for letting me visit!


  1. I am IN LOVE with that cake! So awesome! Ahh HP, I love it!

  2. Oh wow, that cake is amazing! and the costumes look great!