Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Secret Recipe

Hey gurrrrrrrls, Kelsey here - So excited to be posting on Elyse's blog today, I just love it. Thought I'd share with you guys a recipe for one of my favorite things on the face of the planet - a perfect girls' night in. I love girls' nights. Whether it's going out for dinner, out to the bar for a drink and some dancing, or hanging out in sweats on the couch, as long as you are surrounded by a great group of girlfriends you are bound to have a great time. (unless someone spits gum in your beautiful long hair when you are out, which happened to my friend Ali, total night ruiner). As much as I love going out with my girlfriends, I secretly am a bigger fan of a night in. No fancy clothes, high heels, make up or perfect hair.

Anyways ... back to the recipe for a perfect girls' night in, according to me, since I'm obviously an expert at having a good time, duh.

Recipe: Fail Proof Girls' Night In

From the kitchen of: Kelsey @ Eat, Drink, Be a Tourist

Ingredients for your "main dish":
1 group of girlfriends
1 pair ultra comfy sweatpants
1 super soft hoodie

1 pair girly slippers / uggs
1 dvr with recordings of reality tv shows ie: The Bachelor, The Jersey Shore, Cupcake Wars, etc. and/or an assortment of rom coms
1 couch and/or love sac, love seat, big fluffy pillows and cozy blankets (if cold)

girls night in

Additional ingredients - feel free to be creative with your "side dishes":
1 - 3+ bottles of wine (depending on # of friends in attendance)
assortment of chocolate candies
cold fuji apples
wheat thins
an assortment of cheeses (my favorites = blue cheese, cheddar, muenster, swiss)


Combine all ingredients together. Add lots of great conversation, laughs, inside jokes and silly dance moves to songs that bring back funny memories. Serve with a warm heart and big smile. Enjoy!




  1. This is great! Very cute! I'm sending this link to my sister, lol and a few friends! We are all long over due for a girl's night! Great post!

  2. I love it! Everyone needs a girls night in sometimes.

  3. so true, kels! and i am now obsessed with that hoodie. this will have to be done for the bachelor finale!!

  4. Oooh love this! I wish I had more girl friends to do nights in with the girls. Cheese, wine, and chocolate? I'm all over it!