Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Georgia is music to my ears...

So we all know that I love my home state of Georgia. While on the flight home, I picked up my Delta Sky Magazine and saw that they have their own radio channel dedicated to the Peach State. So this is my take on it...look at all these awesome musicians from Georgia.

The B-52s

Cee-Lo Green

The Black Crowes



Justin Beiber (umm, not so awesome, but his homebase is now in Atlanta)

Ludacris...well it's hard finding a clean Luda video, so I guess you can just watch him on Bieber's. I love me some Luda.

Outkast (watch out...this isn't the clean version, but this song is just too awesome not to put up)

Otis Redding

Gladys Knight (and yes, we're home of Gladys Knight's Chicken and Waffles too)


And this list keeps on going...just more evidence of how awesome Georgia is.

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