Tuesday, March 15, 2011

30 day photo challenge...day 1

So I may have stolen this off my bestie's facebook page...

For thirty days, I will be posting photos of whatever the list prompts me to do. It seems like a fun little challenge to do, so here goes nothing.

Day 01 - A Picture of Yourself and Ten Facts.

1. I'm an only child.

2. I worry way too much. I worry when I don't have anything to worry about.

3. One day I will make it across the pond to a fabulous land where they speak in a gorgeous accent.

4. I procrastinating at the moment.

5. I'm have the tendency to fall in love with fictional characters.

6. In two weeks I'll be back home for spring break! YAY!

7. I can do the eyebrow of speculation with one eyebrow...I'm told I do this a lot unconsciously.

8. My favorite colors growing up were lime green and a sickly shade of orange.

9. I'm an anglophile.

10. I am currently addicted to Dubble Bubble's Egg shaped bubblegum.

PS: I see I have some new followers! ::waveshi:: Hope ya'll are having a fantabulous day!


  1. I worry alllllll the time. it's a curse!

  2. You are adorable.

    I worry constantly, about everything.

    I want to go across the pond & meet those dreamy boys with beautiful accents too.

    I procrastinate all.the.time

    I fall in love with fictional characters too.