Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Giggle Loop

Before you read any further into this post, you may want to watch this video from BBC's Coupling, explaining what a giggle loop is. Warning...once you know what a giggle loop is, you're pretty much out of luck in non-giggling approved situations.

So you ask, Elyse, why did you mention the giggle loop? Well, my friends, I am an awkward laugher. I laugh at situations that I shouldn't and it tends to get me into trouble. This sort of incident happened to occur during the first class of the semester at a very unfortunate moment.
The class is Masculinity and Violence and the professor was going over the reading list. The books are all very heavy material, as they deal with gender constructs, violence and general male-ness. While describing one particular book, the professor was mentioning violent groups and some pretty horrible sexual practices that occur in them. Well, my mind flashed back to an episode of How I Met Your Mother and it kind of reminded me of something my beloved Barney would do. It also reminded me of some unsavory behavior I saw today in Target while walking past a certain section of the pharmacy. Well the next thing I know, I giggle in the middle of the class. I tried to hide it thinking, hoping, praying, no one heard it. WRONG! The professor heard it and asked "Did that trigger something in your memory?" Then I had to explain the How I Met Your Mother situation, since I thought it was a better story than my Target one. Apparently, he was not amused. Awkward moment, accomplished, and the giggle loop strikes again.'s to beginning the semester on an awkward foot.

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  1. I'm going to be in trouble when a giggle loop situation arises. I'm an awkward laugher myself so this could be a problem.