Monday, December 20, 2010

Pass it on...

The holiday season is one of my favorite times of the year. I love all the kind acts that you hear about on the radio (yes, I sometimes listen to Delilah for the Christmas music), but it's a whole different world when you someone close to you is the instigator of a random act of kindness. See, my cousin won $500 from one of those scratch off tickets. I was thinking that he'd probably go on a shopping spree and buy something absolutely fabulous, but he did something even better. He bought his friend and her family Christmas.

My cousin's friend's family had been hit hard by the recession. They basically have not had a traditional Christmas in five years. My cousin ended up buying his friend a new wardrobe for Christmas and bought her parents a gift card to a grocery store, so they could buy the food for the dinner. Now I know Christmas is not all about gifts, but part of what makes Christmas magical is the spirit of giving. It is this time of year that makes me so incredibly thankful that people get into the spirit of giving. This is twice within a short month that my life has been touched by an act of kindness and I'm sincerely hoping that this is a lasting trend.


  1. That is so amazing. It makes me happy to know that the spirit of giving is alive and well.

    Your cousin wins. Good for him.


  2. It makes me so happy to read about the wonderful gift your cousin gave to his friend and her family! :)