Friday, December 31, 2010

Books I've Read Part Deux

So my goal of books read for this year is 75. Unfortunately, I didn't make it...grad school reading is so much heavier than I anticipated. I'm starting my list off where it left off. But watch out 2011, this year, I'll make it.

19. If I Stay I'm excited they're making this into a movie.

20. Burned

21. Stardust Sadly, the movie was better than the book in this case.

22. Voyager

23. The Host This book always makes me smile. Ian is another one of my fictional boyfriends.

24. Cahokia Mounds My boss wrote this, it's pretty awesome.

25. The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner Don't knock the novella, I quite liked it.

-- I read Eclipse again to get ready for the movie...but since I'd read it once this year I don't
count it .

26. Learning from Museums This and number 29 make for some horrid beach reading.

27. Drums of Autumn

28. Shiver

29. Displays of Power

30. The Lovely Bones

31. Charlie St. Cloud Never saw the movie. I saw the twist coming in the book from a million miles away, but I still liked it.

32. Linger

33. You'll Never Blueball In This Town Again

34. The Hunger Games I had to re-read it to prep for some Mockingjay!

35. Catching Fire

36. Mockingjay Can I have a boy with the bread?

37. Slavery in Indian Country I had to read this and present on it the first week of class. Therefore, I don't like this book.

38. Clockwork Angel Gives some good background information on Jace Wayland and his pals.

39. The Unredeemed Captive: A Family Story From Early America

40. I Am Number Four I can't wait for the movie!

41. The Captor's Narrative

42. Fallen It's set in Savannah, GA, so I had to read it.

43. The Blue Tattoo One of my favorite books that I had to read this semester.

44. Torment

45. The Captured

46. Empire of the Summer Moon

47. Captive Arizona, 1851-1900

48. Museum Administration- An Introduction


  1. I used to read TONS of books! A hundred years ago when I was single, I'd sometimes stay up all night reading, then go to work and survive all day with no sleep! I'm pretty much an obsessive reader...if I start a great book I don't want to stop, so there are NO clean clothes for the family, NO dinner on the table, and NO food in the fridge, haha! So now I just read occasionally...psh! ;)

    When I first started reading The Host I wasn't sure I liked it, but I ended up loving it! It just got better and better!

    I absolutely LOVE the Hunger Games books. SRSLY!

    I Am Number Four was AMAZING! I can't wait for the next book AND for the movie!

    I've never read Stardust, but I can watch the movie over and over!

    I won't be reading The Lovely Bones because the movie was so heartbreaking to me.

    I haven't read Charlie St. Cloud...I just saw the movie. I DIDN'T see the surprise twist coming!

  2. Love your choice of book, some of them i am interested in ready. Alway on the hunt for another good back to read.
    I'm currently reading the Charlie St Cloud book at the the moment, i agree, you can see what is coming, but i've also seen the movie so i'm not excepting much from the book.

  3. I haven't read a lot of these books (I need to change that). But The Host? One of my FAVS. I love Ian something serious. LOVE. & Peeta too of course. But that doesn't need to be stated, it's obvious. 8)