Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Never Grow Up

When I was little, I told my Mama I never wanted to grow up. It was something that I worried about constantly. She told me, that was a horrible thing to worry about because growing up was amazing. She reminded me if she had never grown up, she wouldn't have met my Daddy and that she wouldn't have had me. Mama, then told me that, even though it's hard to grow up, it's something that must be done.

Later on in life, my junior year of high school to be exact, I watched the animated of version of Peter Pan. While watching the boy who never grows up, I realized that I was growing up. This revelation hit me like a ton of bricks and I remember just bawling, not liking this feeling at all. I wanted to stay that little girl, who had no huge responsibilities or cares in the world.

I graduated from high school, then college, saw my friends get married, and some have kids. I still didn't feel grown up, even though I knew in the world's eyes I technically was. It wasn't until this fall, when I moved 9 hours away from my family into my own apartment, that I started to feel grown up. I still feel like that little girl sometimes. I don't go a day with out talking to my Mama and Daddy. But this feeling doesn't last long, when I realize all the stuff that I have to do. I wish I could go back and be little again, but I know growing up is an adventure. I have the best memories of my childhood that I would never change.

Now for your listening pleasure, Taylor Swift's. This song brought tears to my eyes (a hard feat to do, as I'm not a crier)...especially around the 3:13 mark.


  1. You will always be that little twerp who almost broke my hand with a chunk of ice on the trampoline ;)

  2. I so get you on this.

    Wasn't life just easier then? Ugh. But hey adulthood can be fun...sometimes.

  3. i'm so glad i bopped over here! this was so so pretty.

    her song "best day" used to make me feel the same way and get teary and think of my mom.

    love your blog!

  4. Thanks :) I love "Best Day" too. The first time I really paid attention to it was after I moved away from my parents...yet another one of her songs that gets me all teary.

  5. This song is so excellent (as is this post!) I also love her song "Best Day" and always change the words around just a bit to fit my own family situation. :) Loving your blog!

  6. I soooo need her CD in my life.