Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Inspiring Women

I was thinking the other day about all the people that have made an impact on my life. These four women are people that I look to for inspiration. Thank you for inspiring me.


Jana is modest and will never admit any of this, and will probably laugh her head off when she realizes that she's on my blog, but I mean every word of it. Jana is one of the most generous, gracious people I know. She's going to be the best doctor ever one day. Jana drops anything she's doing to help a person in need. After Hurricane Katrina hit, Jana joined the Americorps and helped rebuild the part of Mississippi that was hit the hardest. She has that type of mindset that comes around far too often. She's like a little Jimmy Carter protege (say what you want about President Carter, but you can't deny he's a great humanitarian).

The Busy Bee

I've been a follower of BBL for a while now, and I'm never not amazed by her posts. Her life is so full of love and she's full of such great insights, that you can't help but love her and her blog. She inspires me to be creative and to just be myself.

My Mama

Mama taught me what love is. She taught me what it is to accept someone for who they are. She taught me that life is not always an easy path, but you have to stay strong. She's the strongest person I've ever met. She is a survivor. I thank God everyday for giving me such a wonderful person as a Mama.

My Maw-Maw

The matriarch of my Mama's side of the family. She truly one of the pillars of my family. She gives all of her heart to everything she does. My Maw-Maw puts her family first. She has taught me the importance of family and of love. PS: She loves to dance and was on Atlanta's version of American Bandstand...that's why I thought this picture was appropriate.

Who inspires you?


  1. E, I do not deserve to be on your list or have you say those nice things about me! You know I feel the exact same way about you! Keep staying you, exactly the way you are, because you are so stinking freaking amazing! And I'm sure anyone who reads your blog would obviously know that! Love you E and can't wait till you come home!

    p.s. In case you didn't know, this is your other half J : )

  2. J! You said stinking freaking! HEHE. I love you bunches and a phone call is coming tomorrow. Love you!

  3. My mom is definitely up there on my list... it's so nice to have inspiring people around!

  4. I just found your blog through a comment you posted on A Bite of Allison. I love your blog and this post is so sweet! What a lovely way to give thanks to the people you admire. My mum is totally on my list! She is a super star.