Saturday, August 21, 2010

New beginnings

My first week in St. Louis has been pretty hectic. I miss everyone back in Georgia something fierce, but I have to say that I've talked to almost everyone I love since I've moved. So, there must be some perks about moving. Plus, I've been getting glorious presents in the mail...maybe I should do this more often??

My first week was off to a rough start. I had five repairmen in four days to fix my tv and internet. I was going insane inside my apartment waiting for them to come. The fifth repairman was genius and he fixed the problem easy peasy lemon squeezy. So on Friday, I got to actually go out and explore the city. Well, maybe not the entire city, but I found a Target (SCORE!!) and rode my bike down to the Arch. This is what I saw...

I found this really nifty statue. I had no idea what it was until I just googled it. It's Lewis and Clark and is apparently 23 ft tall. Well, I guess if the water levels are down you can actually see the whole thing.

I also went on the Arch grounds. I keep getting odd looks for riding my pink Schwinn bike...but I didn't care. I just kept thinking about 500 Days and how I need a basket for my bike.

The Arch is pretty massive...I didn't go up to the top because my keys had pepper spray on it and apparently you're not allowed in it with pepper spray. Who knew? So, I guess next time I'll leave it at home.

Oh and then there is this really nifty color-shifting building I can see from my balcony. It keeps me quite entertained.

I learned a quite important lesson while riding my bike around too...

Never ride your bike on a cobblestone matter how cool it looks.

Apartment pictures are coming soon. Hope ya'll are having a great weekend :)


  1. Haha!!! I may be taking a risk getting kicked out of the library due to my mad loud typing skills, but I just want to hug you for taking the Schwinn to the arch! I will buy you a basket for Christmas and we can hang obnoxiously fake flowers from it! Good girl taking your pepperspray...always remember your boobies are a great spot to hide things that aren't allowed in buildings ;)Love you!

  2. Hi girl! Sorry we did not see each other before you left :( Summer classes were pure terror! Looks like you are settling right in. Good Luck this semester and please keep in touch! And if you should come back to GA, let me know... Luv ya girl!!

  3. Finding a Target is so important! Glad you are finding things to do and new things to see! <3