Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Surf's Up Moondoggie!

I wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy. Okay, maybe not...I feel something more akin to Gidget.

Or at least I like to pretend I'm Gidget. Where are my two surfer dudes to fight over me?

My parents were wonderful enough to rent a beach front condo for the entire month of July. I wake up every morning to hearing the wonderful sound of the waves in my bedroom. I don't wake up to an alarm clock, I just let the morning sun wake me up.

I usually eat a quick breakfast and head down to my chair to get my sun kissed tan...hopefully by the end of the summer I'll be so golden that I'll be able to pass off as the half-Italian, half-Cherokee that I am.

What is one to do with a whole month at the beach? Well...

I bring down a book from this pile and read.

However, this is only when I'm not having a staring contest with crabbies.

I tried to get closer to take his picture, but where did he go?

Crabby went down the hole!

After a long day of playing on the beach, I end the day with watching the gorgeous sunset off our balcony.

Boy, is it hard work being a beach bum! Hope ya'll are having a great summer!


  1. The first paragraph made me lol for real. Bahaha. I love me some Gidget!

    Have a fun month at the beach! I am jealous!!

  2. I think it's pretty obvious, but I love Gidget too. I also used to watch the tv show with Sally Fields on TV Land when I was little.