Monday, July 12, 2010

One Day...

So I've been doing some pretty deep thinking these past couple of days. It seems that I have some profound thoughts when I'm standing in the ocean getting pummeled by waves. I've got some growing up to do and I have made a list of goals that one day I hope to accomplish. Hopefully I'll get these things sussed out before I'm all old and gray. Please love me through this.

*One day I will love me for me. I won't be worried about my body image or worry whether people like me or not. I'll be happy with who I am. I think I'm doing okay with this one, at least personality wise. I'm learning not to be afraid to let people know that I'm a humongous's just the way I see myself physically that needs a bit help.

*I will see the beauty in everything. I will be able to take a horrible day and find something meaningful from that day and grow from it. I won't be wearing rose colored glasses, because I don't think it's healthy. However, I don't want to be the type of person who dwells on the negative aspects of life.

*I will learn to put more faith in my faith. I saw a sign a couple months ago driving home from work (I pass at least 7 churches in a 15-20 minute trip...welcome to the South), it said "Prayer should be your first resort, not your last." It's stuck with me and is something that I'm trying to work on.

*I will learn not to worry so much. Especially when I have no control over the situation. I have been a serial worrier my entire life. I had stomach ulcers in the 2nd grade because I worried so much. I don't want to prematurely go gray, nor do I want worry lines all over my forehead. Although, I am a bit worried because I see a faint line in the middle of my forehead at the moment.

That's about it right now. I'm sure as the month progresses I'll think of more, but I'm thinking I've set some pretty hefty goals fore myself to accomplish. Who else has "one day" goals?


  1. When did we grow up? When did that happen? I found my first gray hair last week....A GRAY HAIR!!! I am 23 and should not have gray hair :( I totally forgot to tell you....I had my mom pluck it out of my head and everything. It was a sad day.

  2. Beautiful post. I need to learn quite a few of these things myself!

  3. I have a lot of goals or things I want to do in life before I'm gray. Sometimes I feel like I'm so close to these goals and somedays I feel so far away from them. I completely feel ya on this one.