Monday, April 12, 2010


Not a huge post, but I just entered into Oprah's open call to Twilight fans. I really hope I get it. I feel that I'm a bonafide Twilight fan. I can be a bit obsessive about it at times, but I feel that it is something worth while to obsess about. It has brought some wonderful friendships my way, and has helped me grow into a better me. All my appendages are crossed that Oprah will notice me.

PS: Just so everyone can love this with me...I had it made last July and it hangs proudly on my car.


  1. I need to apply to this asap! #truth

  2. Yes you do! Haha, maybe we could be on it together :) And I love that you hash tagged a comment. Oh how twitter has ruined us all.

  3. I hope you win girl! I looove that car plate!!