Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I've got friends...

Yes, it's true. I have friends...who would have thought? I happen to have some of the best friends in the entire world. I mean, who else would get amazing presents like these from their friends.

These gifts are from the amazing Lauren and Jana.

And this little beauty, is my Forks survival guide that my dearest Smoochie, aka Shannon, gave me. It's filled with band aids (as my clumsiness rivals Bella's), an emergency blanket, flashlight, and stuff that will keep me from getting hypothermia.

Anyways, as Christmas looms in the very near future, I am getting entirely way too excited. Not only do I have Christmas to look forward to, but I will be returning to Seattle for 10 days on the 26th. Not only will I be returning to Seattle, but I will also be going to La Push and Forks again. I'm also going to Portland...it'll be my first time and I'm excited to get some Voodoo Donuts. Look forward to a bunch of pictures when I return. And if I don't post again before Christmas, I hope everyone has the merriest one ever!

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